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Supplements don't change your life

There, I said it. Supplements don't change your life. In fact supplements can not do that at all. I actually do not believe that supplements are the "cure all"... Yet I strongly recommend them in my practice.

I believe in whole foods. I believe that you can not get proper nutrition from a container, a bottle, a tincture or a syringe. In 1996 when my mom brought home her microscope for the first time and took a single drop of blood and showed it to me under the microscope, I was fascinated. That same year, the doctors told her she had 3 months to live and to go home and start making arrangements... I was sixteen years old at that time. Western medicine had washed their hands of her saying "there is nothing we can do" and all we had was a PLETHORA of supplements and a microscope at home. At that time no one knew exactly what worked for what. My mom, had the idea of "all or nothing/go big or go home" so she decided she was going to take EVERYTHING and check her blood every day to see what was working. Imagine a big green Tupperware bowl filled with supplements.... Every day she would lay in bed with just a sheet on her as she was in so much pain. She would study alternative medicine [back then no internet, it was books, encyclopedia's, books that seemed to weigh more than me at times lol ect]. By the end of the day that bowl was empty. We would fill it again for the next day. I was furious. "you don't know what they are doing to your body by taking so much. You can't do this." She told me she had nothing to loose, and yes she can do this. Little by little, she started getting better. Three months came and went and she was getting better. In that time by doing her blood every day, she learned what helped digestion, what affected the brain, the lungs, the heart, thyroid, hormones... you name it, she learned it. That started her on her path to help people like her who had been turned away from western medicine. She obtained her doctorate in alternative medicine, she helped 1000's. Many would say supplements saved her life. I can say the same... but ten years later, she had cancer 3x over that crossed the meridian border and metastasized into her liver.... Game over.

I've never left the alternative world since 1996. From learning about wholistic skin care, body care as an aesthetician, to being in the massage therapy field working along amazing chiropractors that taught me so much in my career, I know that you CAN NOT supplement yourself to a better life. Supplements are a tool, like anything else. They can give us a boost so that we can achieve our goals. I can cite proper gut health and digestion till the end times. We were educating about that back in 1996. The information and the conversation has not changed. Sure the wording may be different, but it all means the same. It is NOTHING NEW. In the alternative world we have been shouting this from the roof tops for DECADES.... We are still having the same conversations. People now are sicker than they were back in 1996. Kids have more allergies and chronic conditions than they did back in 1996. I don't say this as an uneducated person as I know others will argue "they have gotten better at diagnosing earlier, people are now talking about it vs hiding it." I will counter, talk to your grandparents, talk to your parents, talk to people like me [I'm 43 this year]. We DID NOT see this in society, in our communities and we DID NOT experience as children.

Supplements are meant to give us a boost. Yes I agree our food is no longer the same as it was sixty - seventy years ago. If you have ever listened to my talks that I do online, you will know that the amount of chemical process much of our foods go through is cancer and disease causing. Simply because of ingredients the companies have chosen to use to preserve it. Supplements were NEVER meant to "solve the problem". I said this so many times when my moms degenerative diseases would flare up, or when her cancer came back. "Mom, you CAN NOT keep living how you are living." Doctors told my mom that she would "never work again." She took that as a personal challenge. "watch me" was her attitude. The months that she would go with only 4 hours of sleep, the fast paced mobile clinics that she ran for 15 hours a day at times, the diet living on coffee, cigarets, grilled chicken Caesar salads and the stress of helping family, running a business, being a mom and a wife.... ALL of that is what made her sick in the first place. You see you CAN NOT have a unhealthy lifestyle with high stress levels, take supplements and expect to get results when you change NOTHING in your life. In fact if you do that, then you might as well just stop taking your supplements. Supplements can help with health, they can not make you healthy. Only you can do that.

Now we know so much more than we did back in 1996. There are DNA tests to tell you what you are chronically having difficulty producing and doing in your body. They offer a great starting point to help build cell strength, and improve digestion. There are dried urine hormone tests that will tell you what you are acutely lacking in your system and struggling with so that you can start correcting those. [A blood test is a snap shot of time that tell's you at that specific moment what your systems are doing. It does not tell you how it fluctuates and if they are normal throughout the whole day. Dried urine does that.]. There is also live cell analysis which will tell you everything from your brain, heart, digestion, lungs etc on how they are working RIGHT NOW and what needs support. All these tests are beneficial to figuring out the puzzle of who you are and where

you need to work on internally. However, these tests CAN NOT do the work for you. You see if you continue eating how you want, if you continue living a high stress life and not doing anything to mitigate that, if you continue to be the "martyr " and being the ONLY one that gets things done instead of building support and community around you.... The supplements can not help you. You will get inconclusive results when you recheck. You will get unchanged results when you recheck. You may experience and see results for a short term, but then you will slide back because your "life style" will catch up again. Stress, eating habits, work environment, home environment all play a part and if that doesn't change at all... your supplements will only be able to take you so far because your body will be working so hard to clear the damage that you are doing on the daily to it.

So what can you do: You can start by stirring up your own soil. Healthy plants have great soil, their roots get strong and you see a healthy thriving plant. Put them in dried out soil, with no minerals, no vitamins and the plant will shrivel, maybe even die. Start with your soil.

1. Nutrition is key to stirring up your soil. Change the environment that you are internally living in. Clean your pipes. Hormones, foods, water, dead cells. They all need to be able to exit the body. If your kidney's, liver, colon is not working optimally then all of those materials keep recirculating in the body creating a toxic soup inside you that will leave you feeling more pain, more fatigue, more brain fog, more symptoms of hormonal shifts or disease.

2. Get on a great gut protocol to help move things through. The key to supplements when you also implement changes in life is cell renewal. You want to stay on a program for at least three months so that your cells can heal, change and replicate other healthy changed cells.

3. Test, don't guess. How do you know you're absorbing your other supplements, how do you know they are right for you? When you test, you take the guess work out. YOU KNOW what to take, and what not to. This will save you $100's even $1000's down the line. Get your DNA tested so you can have custom supplements made specifically for you that will eliminate the guess work. Use this code for who referred you AQ6EX8. Your DNA results will ALWAYS be you, it will

NEVER change. That is why you will want to know what is acute, so you can start taking steps to correct things Dried Urine test

4. STOP being a martyr. Look at where your high stress

comes from, and start creating a community around you of support. Asking for help from

your kids, your partner, co-workers, friends. Western society has lied to you by saying you can do "ALL the things and if you can't you're failing." The truth is we were ALWAYS meant to live as a community, to have help, to have support.

Supplements can help you. I highly recommend them specially in todays world when our food quality is deteriorating faster and faster. We live in a fast paced world. No one in history has been where were are, we are always connected socially, always on when our phone pings. Always on to the next task because computers have made us so efficient that we can do more and more in our wake hours. This is why it is so vital that WE take responsibility to HELP our supplements do the work they need to do. We need to make life changes and ask the hard questions about our lives. "Is this making me sick? am I setting myself for degenerative disease, cardiac disease/complications/cancer/diabetes/obesity? Am I contributing to my family history of genetic illness? What do I need to start doing to stop this?"

Health supplements are a great tool. They can help us so much in this life. They CAN NOT however do the external work that needs to be done to make them most effective. It starts with you. What are you willing to do to change the path that you are on? To support your body? Is it time to book a call with me to help you figure out your next steps so that you CAN achieve results that will last.

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