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Dried Urine Hormone Kit

Dried Urine Hormone Kit

This Dried Urine Hormone Kit is the perfect tool to help you get a comprehensive understanding of your hormonal health. It measures all 20 different systems that can affect your hormones, giving you a much more detailed report than a traditional blood work. With your purchase, you will receive an emailed hormone intake form that you can send back to me for further insight into your health. The results of this test will give us the necessary information to create an effective health coaching plan designed specifically for you.
  • Refund/Return Policy

    Once this product is shipped out, there are no refunds and no returns.  By purchasing this product you acknowledge this policy.

  • Shipping

    Included in the price of this product is shipping and 1 coaching call to go over the results with you once I receive them.  I always add on insurance to the shipment incase it is lost to protect you and I.  Once I ship it, I will send you an image of the tracking information.

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