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Trauma, it is taboo, it can be shameful and it changes who we are

Trauma can come in many forms. Child abuse, relationship experiences, a conflict in school an incident a twork, driving your car and so much more. Trauma can not be put in a box. It is important to realize that what may traumatize one person may not traumatize another. Perceptions play a very large role in how our brain is affected by our experiences. [Thats how we can have siblings experience the same exact thing, but have totally different opinions on what happened]. Another important thing to mention is it matters how our upbringing and life experience was/is when a possible traumatizing situation occurs. Pending on your age, your family dynamic, what types of life experience you have had and what resources you have learned during your life on whether you will be able to move through and with your trauma or whether you get stuck and never evolve in your trauma.

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