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I love that you are in an MLM!

Over the last few months I have received a PLETHORA of messages from people who are in the health field that want me to check out their products, their business that belongs to a MLM network. They want my feed back and if I am interested "can they send some info videos about the company and product". A disclaimer always follows this by saying "no sales involved". Or something similar.

Here is MY disclaimer: I love that you found a MLM that you believe in. I love that you believe that the products work. I love it even more if you have found residual income from it and it has helped you gain financial freedom. In fact, I believe MLM's have a place in this world to help educate people in their health. I am part of two of them. 1. Doterra for my personal essential oils. 2. Nucleogenex for the DNA testing and custom made supplements that I recommend to clients.

Here are some similarities: I believe that MLM's are stepping stones and not the end all be all. Mary Kay for example. She was an amazing powerful woman. She actually was a force to contend with and she was the one that forged the path in educating not just women, but men too on how important it is to take care of your skin vs just using soap and water. My mom in fact, was so successful back in the day that she drove the cadillac. Being so successful in the business was actually what enabled her financially, to remove herself and us kids from an extremely abusive marriage.

Herbalife, is another one that is common. This company I will be forever grateful for as they had a variety of shakes that my stomach could handle when I was first released from the hospital after my collision. I could only consume about 800 calories of actual food at the time. Herbal life allowed me to consistently and easily increase my calorie intake by having 1-2 throughout the day until I could get to a healthy amount of "real food" calories. It enable me to receive vital minerals and vitamins to help me heal.

Another common one is Melaleuca. This company teaches their reps and clients about toxic free living and I was first introduced to them in 1995. What we clean with, what we wash our clothes in... All of it matters and will either positively or negatively affect our health.

Here is where we are different... We are not the same: Although I am not a doctor of any kind, I have been in the alternative professional field since 1996. Learning how the cells react to environment, food, work and lifestyle. I learned the difference between over the counter supplements vs professional supplements. In 2002-2003 I pursued my aesthetics diploma and massage therapy certification. Here I learned the difference between over the counter and professional skin/body care. For example: Did you know that EVERYONE is born with the acne bacteria on their skin? Pending on how you come into this world whether vaginally or caesarean, depends on how much of this specific bacteria you will have. Did you know it is a protective bacteria and it becomes harmful when nutrition, environment and stress levels become imbalanced? Most skin care products from over the counter and MLM's strip this bacteria away leaving the skin prone to infection, and other skin diseases. Knowing this difference is like knowing the difference between prescription vs over the counter.

Supplements are no different. Knowing in order for a supplement to be of high quality it needs to be absorbed within 20 minutes of entering the body. Supplements found in over the counter only have a 20% or less absorption rate. Things like medications, parasites, hormonal imbalances, unhealthy colon and digestion tract all affect the ability to absorb nutrients. The FDA also inhibits higher quality and more "prescription quality" in skin care and supplements sold over the counter/ MLM's. The reason is because you can drastically affect someones health in a negative way. This leaves a company and sales person open to lawsuits of malpractice. By keeping the quality just at "threshold". Anybody can take or use whatever product they want by these companies and not risk too much harm.

This is what I LOVE about nucleogenex. By providing a DNA test, that tests all 27 genes that can be activated and supported, they can custom make your daily supplement to exactly what you need in the dosage you need. Not just a mass produced recommended dosage. For example, In my DNA report I do have a MTHFR mutation which prevents me from methylating my Vitamin B's correctly and converting them to folic acid. It actually turns into a toxic soup in my system because I can not break them down. This makes my toxic load higher and can create brain fog, exhaustion and body pain. My supplement ensures that I get the correct methylated form of all the vitamin B's that my DNA needs and leaves out the others. I also do not create Vitamin D which is a hormone. My supplement includes the correct methylated dosage for me based on my genetics and ensures that I can convert this to be utilized in my cells vs floating around and not penetrating where it needs to go.

Yes Nucleogenex is considered a MLM, however because they TEST before they create, they can increase the dosages. They also have the ability to partner with Doctors who can run comprehensive blood tests and if needed the doctors themselves can change the dosage in your supplement to correct the imbalance. You are potentially getting a powerful duo supplement if your doctor is a partner with them. You're getting the benefits of what your DNA chronically needs AND you're getting correction by your doctor when there is an imbalance found in your blood work.

My 25+ years of alternative education, has taught me that one thing does not work for all. Its not a one size fits most. Everyone has cellular differences, and what works for them may not work for another. That is why there are so many different treatments and routes a person can go. For example, Prozac, Vallum used to be the go to anti depressant, anti anxiety medication that was recommended. Fast forward 30 years into the future and there is a plethora of medications that can help treat mental illness, and the combination that treats person to person is endless because EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT:). Alternative health is no different. Herbal life was great for me, until my body started rejecting even the smell of the variety of shakes I had. The same with the Doterra supplements, and melaleuca supplements. Eventually my body dry heaved and got extremely nauseated with all of them. The body is smart. It knows what is good for it, and it knows what is not. Looking back, the amount of vitamin B's and synthetic ingredients that were in those supplements... My toxic overload got way to much and my body started communicating "no more!". Knowing now that there is a MTHFR mutation that I have, anything synthetic will cause me harm, from foods, cleaners, body products, enriched and fortified foods... my body CAN NOT break them down correctly. I have become a HUGE advocate of TEST DON'T GUESS.

A new certification that I obtained this year is Dried Urine Hormone Testing, which confirmed my beliefs in how I approach my clients in their coaching programs. No matter what you are going through in life, our hormones play a huge role in how well we age, how make decisions in life, how our body feels pain, and how quickly we can rebound when things go sideways. Whether that is a new diagnosis, an injury, or life changing circumstances. For example, I recently was working with a client that had so much brain fog/fatigue. Her short term memory was so difficult and frustrated her. When I received her results back, her Melatonin levels were sky high off the charts! She had been adding Melatonin at night to help enable sleep. She was OVER supplementing and didn't even know it. When we have too much Melatonin in our bodies, brain fatigue and short term memory loss is just two of the indicators. How many women think "I'm not sleeping at night, so I a going to try some Melatonin"? Without actual testing, you are guessing and possibly throwing money out the window. You are potentially doing yourself more harm. The same can be true about increasing our vitamin B's. Many of us will go to a health food store and grab a B complex supplement wanting to increase our energy. Through urine we can determine if you are actually absorbing it, have too much in the system, or if you're not absorbing it at all. If you have too much in your urine that is a strong indicator that you actually have a MTHFR mutation and need methylated forms of vitamin B's and that you do not convert it to folic acid. This shows adrenal stress and high cortisol levels in the urine. Adrenals when they are off, the thyroid will have a harder time functioning. Our bodies truly do function as a whole and differently from individual to individual.

I LOVE MLM's, but as you can see, they are reaching the glass ceiling and not breaking through that ceiling to achieve more. TEST DON'T GUESS. When we know more about our body's, we do better with our body's. It is scary thinking that the company that you have partnered with and believe in and that has given so much back to you may not be THE BEST company. [Remember the story of my mom and how Mary Kay enabled her to leave an abusive situation.]. I love these companies for what they offer their affiliates... It doesn't stop there though. Education about health and wellness needs to keep moving forward and remember what works for one, does not work for all. I've continued to upgrade my education, my knowledge and how I implement and teach that knowledge to others, WHILE remaining open to new research, new ways of doing things. MLM's are great. Testing not guessing is better.

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