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I'm an imposter!

I remember sitting in a class that I had registered for during a massage therapy conference. For the life of me I can not remember the speakers name. He was a doctor. He travelled around the world giving talks just like the one I was listening to. He was ahead of his time as this was more than ten years ago and he practiced functional medicine. I was honoured just to be in the 2nd row listening to him. Breathing the same air he was. I knew I was getting smarter just by being in the same proximity as him. I couldn't have been more in my element and I was thriving.

I've been in the alternative field since 1996 and when I listened to this doctor speak it was 2012. How much education had I received about nutrition and supplements since then? Learning live cell analysis and what supplements can support the major organs, digestion and brain. In aesthetics we learned nutrition and how it affects the skin. In massage therapy we learned how nutrition affects muscles, ligaments and bone. In my craniosacral and somatic training I learned how nutrition can affect our nervous system, how we process trauma, and grief, even just simple life experiences. In health and life coached we learned how nutrition affects our moods, our thinking patterns, weight gain and weight loss. In my hormonal certification I learned how nutrition and supplements can drastically have an impact on how TWENTY SEVEN different hormones and related systems and how to start correcting imbalances so that symptoms of PMS, peri, menopause, pregnancy and other phases of our cycle that affect women can be balanced, and that the "negative" side affects of those symptoms can if not dissipate, then be significantly less. My education, my experience with supplements and nutrition is not nothing. In fact it is heavily weighted when looking at the basic training that medical professionals have unless they decide later to specialize with nutrition. [Insert your functional doctors and nurses]. It is astounding to me that I at 43years old have TWENTY-EIGHT years of experience and education when it comes to nutrition and supplements! As I write this I shake my head and wonder how that is possible. Its only because at sixteen years old I was introduced to a world that would hold my attention for my whole life learning more and more and more... Never stopping.

They say it takes 10 years of study to become an expert. I'm almost at 30 years! I should know all there is to know. However in the alternative field we know that the human body is complicated. What works for one doesn't work for the other. [contrary to what the medical field and the diet industry like to tell you.]. The "science" is NEVER settled. As we learn more, we discover there is more to learn. There are basic however. EVERY "health professional" will site GUT HEALTH. In the alternative field, this is nothing knew. I learned this at sixteen years old. It is true that illness first starts in the intestines and if those are not functioning correctly than other systems of the body will be affect. For example:

  1. All our neurotransmitters are formed in the gut... Slow, leaky, unhealthy gut means slower brain function. [All those kids that deal with chronic constipation... How are they suppose to learn they way we expect and the way their body is designed if their intestines... small and large is not functioning properly?]

  2. Our liver dumps into our intestines. If our liver can not dump into our intestine and provide a PROPER detoxification of our body like it is designed to do, it has no choice but to recirculate those toxins into our body which then leads to fatigue, skin issues, brain fog, prone to more viruses/illness.

  3. Our estrogen is detoxed by our liver. If our liver is not able to dump into the intestine, then our estrogen is recirculated causing estrogen dominance, sweats, insomnia, mood swings, depression, weight gain, adhd and ocd symptoms. Some women are even diagnosed with bi-polar disorder because western medicine does not do testing as a "WHOLE" to get to the root cause of the symptom

These are just SOME of the highlights when clients come to me and list their symptoms, that I think about. EVERYTHING is connected and affects the other. My twenty-eight years of practice enables me to quickly be able to get to the source and the cause which gets clients quick and fast results when they follow through on my recommendations.

Although my years of study would determine that I am an expert. There is much I do not know and just like you, I sometimes feel "imposter syndrome". There is much I do not know, that I am not good at. I will be the first to admit that I am not a "weight-loss coach". However, I do know that my specific training CAN help get you results by figuring out the core issues. THEN I have numerous people that I can refer to that do specialize in weight-loss and get you further results. I test first. I don't guess. Then we create a solid foundation that you can build on. That you can build your people of resources. All too often we say "it takes a community". When I say it, I say it because it takes a community to build the life that you deserve. We hire accountants, doctors, psychologists, our health, OUR BODIES deserve no less when striving and creating the mind, body AND spirit that we deserve to have in this life.

This is your body and mind. You only get one. It deserves the best. It deserves the experts. Book a call with me to learn more of what success and what knowledge I can pass on to you.

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