Are you one of those people that are worried, fearful, scared, maybe your panicking? I promise you this. If you are in my area, and you are worried that your school may shut down, and then your child/ren will not be able to have access to food... Message me and I will help.

In times of crisis, always look for the helpers. Who is rising up? Are you one of those people? Do you wish or dream that you could BE one of those people? What is stopping you from being part of the helpers?

Are you considering what you could have done differently that would help you and your family prevent this illness? Are you wondering what you can do IF you do get sick? Chances are, if you're asking yourself the above questions.... If you take a pause, sink down into your intuition, you know what you should start doing.

Being in the alternative health field since 1996 I KNOW that there are actions that you can start taking that WILL increase the effectiveness of your immune system. Yes, you can take supplements, yes you can use high quality oils. Yes, you can receive chiropractic and regular massage which are ALL proven to aid your body in healing.... What if I told you, that is just one or two slices of the pie and you can do so much more?

There is more to my reasoning of coaching for stress and overwhelm after trauma, diagnosis or injury. Yes, I have an impactful story of how I sped up my recovery by estimated MONTHS, but that is just one half of it. The other half is that I KNOW how you can increase your health BEFORE crisis occurs, so that your body is best prepared in case life goes sideways. That is why I coach on healing. It is always EASIER to coach on prevention vs coaching in crisis. It is like this for anything in life. Would it be easier to go through post secondary without grade school? Would it be easier to fix a house without a solid foundation? Would it be easier to build a business without basic knowledge of accounting? Of course it isn’t and your health, your body, your mind is no different. I have a passion to help people know how to heal and what their body needs before they get to crisis and panic mode. Let’s be honest, those that have full confidence in their abilities, their knowledge, their bodies awareness and what it needs…. They are more well equipped to manage through this world upset, than those that solely depend on others for what they need to do. I wonder how it would make you feel to know that you have tools that you can go to, to help you manage this stress, to help support your body, mind, spirit and that with this knowledge you can help others? Would that be useful to you?

What I want to share with people does not require perfection. What I want to educate people on does not require a strict life with no grey area. What it does require is consistency. It requires focused attention so that instead of moving goal posts every week because you change your priorities. Those posts are as solid as you would find on any sport field. [Sorry hockey fans, that net can easily be moved. Lol]. What I teach requires you to be willing to be accountable not only to yourself, but to your coach and family. Without focused attention, consistency and the willingness to be accountable for every step you take or don’t take towards that goal, you will never feel the security, the steadiness and the conviction of who you are.

I may upset those that are reading this that smoke, drink, do drugs. That REGULARLY eat processed refined foods and low nutrient dense foods every week. Do you clean with harsh chemicals because you think that is the best way to reduce germs? Science CLEARLY states that these few things WILL affect your immunity and not in a positive way. I’m not saying stop it all. What I am asking you to consider is to think about what will be your biggest needle mover during this time. What will give you the best results in a short amount of time? Can I give you a tip? Would that be ok? You may not like the answer and if you don’t want to hear it, I suggest you stop reading here... Your biggest needle mover during this world panic is going to be YOUR NUTRITION. Your nutrition affects your immune response, it affects the clarity you think in, it affects your stress levels and it affects your response rate to situations.

“JODI!” You say, “Do you know how expensive it is to eat a healthy diet on a limited income?!” What if I told you that dollar to dollar is not equal at all? I grew up on and off of welfare. There were times where we ACTUALLY COULD NOT AFFORD TOILET PAPER, so we used rags and washed them. There were times we could not afford toothpaste so we used bar soap that we washed our hands with. For the last two years I have been living on below poverty income for a family of three. No subsidies for housing or utilities. No food banks or social assistance. I have two kids, one pre teen and and one teen who eat like crazy and grow like crazy so I know what it is to make every dollar count.

I promise you that if you compare dollar to dollar on processed food vs fresh, you will discover that all the fast, easy, cheaper food is actually costing you more than if you made the commitment to buy fresh whole foods. How can this be? When I buy chips, chocolate, dip, or easy to go snacks canned soups, pre made meals for the kids and I, guess what happens? The kids and I eat more. The reason for this, is because of the amount of sugar they have in them and not enough healthy fats, fibre and protein. Sugar is more addictive than cocaine studies show, So when you consume sugar your body will want more because it stimulates a “feel good” response and the body wants more and more and more of that. Also, since we are being honest if you compare eating a bowl of pasta or cereal to eating a nutrient dense salad [so I’m talking limited lettuce and the rest filled with peppers, cucumber, tomato, maybe a a table spoon of feta or fave cheese 1/2 chicken breast or fav protein 2 tablespoons of healthy fat] you will be more sustained and have less cravings than if you ate the pasta. When you have a diet that relies on simple carbs [breads, pastas, sugar] you get hungry faster. You get more cravings. Or let’s say you have bacon, hash browns, eggs and fruit/veggies. What do you think is going to keep you fuller longer? How do you think your body is going to function on these comparisons? When you eat nutrient dense meals or snacks, your whole body can function better which improves your brain function, organ function, digestion function which all affect you on how you process stress and how your immune system responds.

That brings me to another interesting point. When you are high stress, your immune system is lowered. The reason why is because the body is focused on making sure you survive. Every single cell of you wants to survive. So when in a stress state, where do you think the priority is? In the past this was great. It made sure we didn’t get eaten by lions or bears…. Or crushed by a mammoth. Now however, our stress comes from finances, work, kids, relationships, chaos of daily life. Our body however has not evolved to know the difference between survival stress and life as it is now stress. When we do not give the body what it needs to help cope and manage the stress in our lives, cause lets face it, we can’t get rid of our families, we need our jobs, and with our economy most of us cannot afford to quit our job and find a less stressful one. So the BEST thing we can do is focus on fuelling our body and not just feeding it.

This is what I consider when developing programs for people. Stress levels, families, work, events, celebrations. It’s honestly not all about nutrition, but it is a part of it. I offer solutions and effective tools that help the WHOLE body. Not just part of it I have short intensive programs that are only 3-6 weeks and I have 90 day programs that focus on habit change so that it is no longer a conscious choice but WHO YOU ARE.

I remember being a new mom. My first born just over a year was diagnosed with peanut allergies, asthma, excema, dust allergies, pet allergies, grass allergies and tree allergies. When she got sick, it was scary. I was so overwhelmed. So stressed. She was on five different types of steroids and two different inhalers three times a day. Every day as I learned to navigate all of this and make a hard decision about our family pet I was thinking there must be a better way. How can I make this better? How can I help my stress levels and her without causing her more harm? It all started with little changes. Once that change became a normal and not a choice I made another change, and then another. By the time she was five years old she was on only one steroid and one rescue inhaler and occasionally had the eczema flare up. Now she is fifteen, and no longer struggles with steroids, or inhalers. Her allergies are almost non existent. Now it’s more about educating her about the choices SHE makes. She’s in high school so access to cafeteria food is endless and her skin is starting to tell on her. It’s educating her that only she can control how her body and mind are going to cope. She has the basics. She has the correct foundation. The choice is hers if she is going to be accountable to herself and me and put her health first during this world panic.

What are you going to do? Are you going to continue to panic and wall yourself up, believe that everyone is a cesspool and fear for your life? Or are you going to do things differently? Do you need help getting started so that you can decrease your fear, panic and rise up for yourself and your family like you’ve never done before? You can always reach out to me for help You are the one in control here. You get to decide if you're going to be a helper or if you're going to let fear drive your decisions. I was once told that "fear is a very poor motivator". That statement is more true now than ever. Look how it has paralyzed people. Look how it is affecting your economy. Look at how much control it has over you. How do you think that fear is affecting your stress levels that affect your immune system? Be brave, behave different because you are strong, capable and powerful.

Jodi Harty CHC, CLC, RMT, Reiki Master, CST2, SER1

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