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Chronic pain... What we want THEM to know

People who live with chronic pain assess risk management every day, multiple times a day. Everything was coming to ahead and I was feeling desperate. I so badly wanted to be able to explain how this body felt. What chronic pain was like and I started searching for resources for "partners" so that they may understand better.... I could hardly find ANYTHING! A few blogs here and there, but nothing with substance. One thing that partners struggle with when they have chronic pain is intimacy. I'm not just talking sex either, but the intimacy that partners have with one another when it comes to "reading" each other. Predicting what the other needs. Understanding each other. I began thinking about this blog... I reached out to others who had chronic pain and started asking "what would you like your partner to know that is not talked about?" Many responded, so this blog is not solely based on my experience but a composition of many. The purpose of this blog is to help create an understanding, an acceptance while deepening connections. So that the healthy and pain free partner can see that they are not alone, that there is solutions. It just looks different. These are things we want you to know.

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