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All Our Lives We Are Ruled by Extreme Hormones

Updated: Apr 10

We never get a break do we? My oldest was 8 years old. I swear, I don’t know how either of us stayed alive. She got her first period at 8 years old! Thank gawd I grew up in a family where we women were extremely open with one another. Some of my best mother/aunt/grandma conversations were when one of us was in the tub, and the other would just come in, sit on the floor and start talking. I was raising my girls with the same mentality. When my oldest called from school, she wasn’t afraid, she wasn’t unsure… She was mad at the teacher who didn’t let her go to the bathroom when she asked, so she had leaked.

Then came my middle one, and at 8 years old- 10 years old, the attitude, the tears, the fluctuations…. I thought for sure she would be early too…. However that was not so, but John Hopkins Children’s hospital has some things to say on it, sticking to the fundamentals However we ALL know those of us with girls the personality shift, the emotions, the raw anger at times or the silent hot tears in our girls…. The hormones and how they affect our emotions are real…. They were real for us too.

Fast forward to teens, high school. I have to give all the props to the high school teachers for doing what they do. I remember waiting to pick up my niece and watching the teens walk through the parking lot…. At times you can literally feel the pheromones dripping off of these kids! Our teachers are in the thick of it ALL DAY LONG. Young girls are again thrown into a shift of hormone changes and not only do they have to figure out how to navigate their own emotions, but they have to figure out all the emotions from those that they are interested in or committed to. It is in our human nature to want to be with someone, to want that touch, and to be as close as you can. Our body is a ticking time bomb and every cell is screaming to procreate…. [Now, that is speaking on a non evolved level, and I am so glad that our young girls have dreams of careers, life adventures, stabilizing their life and have the ability to choose to go another route regardless of what their “cells” are telling them]

Then comes the baby/ies. Any pregnant woman will tell you nothing could have prepared her for the body changes, the emotional changes, but also how our mind changes. What we once thought is no longer. What we used to prioritize now seems like it doesn’t matter. We literally change our neurotransmitters in order to become mothers. Not to mention all the hormone changes in postpartum which can take up to 2-3 years before we feel like “ourselves” again.

Finally, some women dread this and some women welcome it. Peri/menopause. Again another huge hormonal shift for us as women. We go from young girls to middle aged women constantly trying to figure out what are bodies are doing now. In this phase, we grow mysterious facial hair, yet we experience balding, our belly getting rounder, forgetfulness, hot sweats, cold sweats, sleepless nights, to sleeping all day…. We are RULED by our hormones and each one of us are different. What works for one does not work for the other. Since I have become a health and life coach and been in the alternative field since 1996 there is one common thread every… single… time. Our food. Now I am not saying food is the end all be all and will solve all the worlds problems with our ever changing bodies. What I am saying is that there is a way we can break the code of what foundation our body needs so that we have an easier time adjusting through ALL our hormone shifts.

One quick google search on this and a plethora of inform ation will pop up. Where does one begin. In a culture where “try this latest diet, it works loose weight fast, get your youth back guaranteed” Its no wonder that there is so much confusion. Also, if you are brave enough to even post a question about it on your social media, people never stick to helping you figure out the answer… Nope, they tell you all about keto, Mediterranean, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian…. The list goes on but you never get the answers you are actually looking for and the google search is just an ocean of information which doesn’t tell you where to start.

I'm here to tell you where and how to start. One misconception about the anti inflammatory diet is that it is for long term or can take months. What if I told you, you can have it all figure out in 4 weeks? In four weeks you can know what proteins serve you best [plant/animal/or both]. You will also figure out what foods/spices/herbs/sauces cause you to experience more symptoms of pms/peri/menopause. I’m not just talking about “bad foods”. We all know highly processed, boxed and even canned foods are not good for us. I’m talking about the foods that are deemed “healthy foods”. Like Laura who discovered that by simply eliminating peppers from her routine diet that her lethargy and brain fog were eliminated. Not adding them to her omelettes in the morning was a game changer. Or Sarah who discovered that tomatoes increased her body pain. Or how about Melissa, where wheat definitely affected her mood and ability to loose weight. Then there is Sara, who raises chickens and guess what... Her farm free range, organic eggs were just ADDING to her negative symptoms.

My transform your pain program enables this success of figuring things out. Not only are you learning how your body likes to be nourished, we also TEST using dried urine hormonal testing so we can really laser in and see how everything is working from detoxification of hormones, to how the liver, intestinal tract, thyroid, adrenals circadian rhythm and so much more are working. All this combined helps your body so that your night sweats are not so much or eliminated [I used to wake up during certain phases of my cycle soaking wet…. I no longer experience that any more]. Or how about bloating after every single meal... What would it mean for you if you didn't have that discomfort? Eating myself out of house and home during certain phases… No longer happens because I have learned the signals and I can adjust my eating to help myself through those phases. The best thing though about the Transform your pain program [all built around anti inflammatory diet]. It is not permanent. Once you have things figured out, you will know what foods you thrive on and what foods you do not. For example Laura does love her peppers, so she knows that if she has peppers during the day, the rest of her meals/snacks need to be foods that she does thrive on so her body has the nutrients that it needs to counteract those affects. The chemistry of the peppers never has a chance to compound on itself with the chemistry of Lauras body. For Sarah, she knows that if she has tomatoes in her spaghetti sauce, she is not going to have tomatoes with any other meals otherwise her body is going to start experiencing pain. Melissa she knows she can enjoy all the goodness that wheat has to offer, but that it is an indulgence, not a regular go to if she wants to see results. Testing allows us to see what needs additional support over and above nourishment so we can create a plan that WILL get you individual results meant specifically for you.

The Chemistry of your food may not be the correct chemistry for you

You see the transform your pain program is not an all or nothing program. It is a program that can be done short term and as your body continues on its path of hormonal changes, you can revisit the program to see if there are any changes later on. [We don’t eat like we are teenagers anymore, or in our early twenties because our bodies have changed.]. It makes sense that as our cells change, different foods affect them at different times. What once used to be ok maybe isn’t anymore and vice versa. This program also helps you determine what life style you want to adapt to afterwards. It takes the “will it work for me” guess work out of it because you will know exactly what protein, and what foods you do well on which will help you in determining any diet you want to try in the future that will have long lasting effects.

I have provided some excellent links to start your research and to see if this is something that you would like to try. Everything I teach and coach on can be found on the internet. We live in a wealth of information. That's the problem though. There is so much information out there that we often get overwhelmed and don’t even know where to begin. If that is the case, know that you can always reach out to me. Know that I have curated information that is specifically designed to figure out things fast with no messing around. We test, we don't guess. No trial and error, all done for you material and all you have to do is act on it. If you would like to know more please book your free consult here . I can’t wait to tell you how easy this can actually be and how it will transform your idea of food and how it affects your hormones in 4 short weeks.

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