Sarah Rawlins

Through Jodi's coaching, I have learned emotions and habits that I was defaulting to without being conscious of what I was doing with regards to nutrition and other areas of my life including career progression.  Her active engagement in my success every week propelled me to accomplish goals I didn't think I could in the beginning.  I released 20 lbs in 3 months which I am very surprised with and Jodi knew all along I could do it.

Jodi game me the foundation to restructure my nutrition choices to understand and be in tune with my own body and how it reacts to certain foods.  I have learned life altering long term strategies that I will continue on in the future.  I am forever grateful that I chose to walk this path with Jodi.



Experiment, embrace, change


Decrease inflammation, Clear the fog, loose weight

This is a 6 week program that focus on how your bio-identity likes to thrive.  The first 4 days consists of just playing with the foods you normally eat to discover when your body likes to consume them. Then next 5 weeks consists of preparing you for success, then following a food recommendation for 1 week only, followed by a systematic week of introduction and a week of playing with what you have learned.  Its fun, easy and enlightening.


This is your program

Everyone has stress, however when it becomes to much to bare is when we need help. In this month to month program you set the pace.  You decide what is important, with me being the back bone of support.  Together we work on how to destress the work place, home and family, while teaching organization skills, time management, how nutrition affects the amount of stress we feel and how to still have time for you so you are not giving from an empty cup.  This program is ALWAYS tailored for you week to week, month to month.



Support That Makes a Difference


Guidance & Inspiration

A stressed or overwhelmed mind often means a cluttered home and or office. This is a service I offer to existing or past clients in the Edmonton and surrounding area only as it requires me to meet in person.  In order to start something new, the old needs to be moved out.  I will give ideas on how to minimize all the clutter, I will help the organization process.  Need someone just to get you on the right track?  I can do that for you


Learning new ways

Sometimes we need just a little guidance.  It is a lot easier to start changing our habits when there is someone right beside guiding you.  For the Edmonton and surrounding area, past and present clients.  Together we will head to your preferred grocery store and buy ALL the nutrition that will best serve you and your family to help heal, decrease stress and to help reach all your goals.  Need a partner in crime?  I am that coach.


Make Life Fun

There are plenty of fun things to do in the Edmonton area, yet sometimes life can be overwhelming and we stop doing the activities we used to do, or we get to scared to try something new.  In any event, if you are ready to get back in there and start having fun, but don't want to go alone for the first time, I will go with you.  Whether it be an art class, rock climbing, swimming, a dance class, as long as it is in my physical capabilities I can be right there beside you.  Is it time to start reclaiming yourself?


Get strong with money

How we do one thing is how we do everything.  This is absolute truth.  How we view our finances is how we view our life.  Discover where your beliefs came from and then up level and flip them to create the abundant life that you have only dreamed of.



Life is not a fad.  Use real foods, learn real skills, to effect permanent change


Inspired metamorphis

In this program you will receive twelve 45 minute to 1 hour sessions and twelve checkin's over a period of three months.  Your package includes "Help getting started, Grocery shopping coach and activity partner, 4 day energy challenge, 14 day reset all while learning how to manage stress and overwhelm".  As my gift to you, this will also include "magic plate" cooked by myself for you in a complimentary session.  Why?  Because I believe we learn best by practice and what better way to learn than by witnessing, hearing and doing.


Embrace Life’s Challenges

You are ready for change and want to jump right into it.  This is a no mess no fuss where we learn how to navigate nutrition and decode your bio-identity because what works for one person does not work for everyone.  This program best suits those that are self motivated and need a little to medium support with the changes and habits they want to make to obtain the life they have always wanted. You will still recieve 18 sessions [twelve 45 minutes - 1 hour sessions and 6 checkins.] The 14 day reset, 4 day energy challenge and grocery shopping coach are all included with this package


Pressing the EASY button

Whether you want to start small, or you already have your bio-identity decoded.  This program is geared for the stressed and overwhelmed.  It includes "need help getting started and stress and overwhelm". You will receive twelve 45 minute - 1 hour sessions tailored and customized to you.  The more stressed we are the less change we can handle. Lets start one step at a time.


Life Coaching that flips the script

Life coaching is different from health coaching because we focus on thoughts, beliefs and how they affect your life.  You learn to do things differently in regards to your bills and beliefs, how you approach your career and how you interact with your family.  This program includes Bills and beliefs, stress and overwhelm and help getting started.



Change your thought patterns, Change your cells.


Taking charge

Shoden and Okuden are taught together in a two day class.  Reiki is a beautiful energy healing modality that anyone can do, no matter what your beliefs are Reiki will complement and unite.  You will learn the history of Reiki, symbols, and how to use them.  There are meditations and you will be able to meet your Reiki guide in this course.  It is an all accepting, loving no judgement treatment and practice.  Reiki will never leave you once you are attuned to it.  This service needs 3 or more people for me to run a class


Enhance your power

Your ready for your third level.  You have become comfortable with the increased frequency/vibration that your body now functions at.  In this one day class you will recieve an attunement that increases your frequency, you begin to fully connect to the energy of the universe and understand any changes in you and the outside world.  For some this is enough.  For others it calls them to take their masters.  This class needs 2 or more people to run


Become the master

Shinpiden 2 can be taught with Shinpiden 1, for those that are unsure, or those that need a little bit more time to budget I offer to teach them separate.  Obtaining your masters is what enables you to teach.  Some have no intention of teaching but require the attunement to gain more personal development.  You will receive three more symbols.  You will also learn how to give an attunement in this class.  At the end of the class you will be gifted your finished living manual custom designed by Trish Bowie and Jodi Harty This class needs 1 or more students to run.



I believe in setting people up for success and that I do not know everything.  This is why I am sharing my "Best of the Best Team".  Without them, I would not have the success story that I do now.

Chiropractors/massage therapists: https://www.whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com


Shockwave/Flashwave/Accupuncture:  http://remedialwellness.com

TRX Rehabilitation strength training: https://www.purewellnessstudio.net/pwsellerslie




Always forever four,

I will always move with you.  Never without you.  You are always apart of me even though you are unseen.  You were but a moment in our lives, but you changed us forever.  I will always be your mother and you will be mine.  You are my inspiration and my testimony.  I will love you always and miss you forever.


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