Elements Bracelet

Elements Bracelet

Blue Lava stone: From Indonesia’s Kawah Ijen volcano, not only is great for using essential oils, this stone promotes feelings of connection to the universe. [grounding] gives strength and courage when life goes sideways. It helps dissipate anger and encourages positive changes for behaviour. It is also said to help enhance fertility.

Red Jade: Is known as the stimulant stone. It helps the body’s cleansing process. Also known as your talisman. Promoting physical vitality, strength and stimulates your life force energy. It helps with good luck and will also aid in your personal relationships, clearing negative energy from your life.

Green Jade: Amazing for your heart chakra, expanding gratitude for what you have in your life. It promotes abundance in your mind. It empowers self worth and creates a curiosity to learn. Known as the symbol of purity and power.

Aquamarine: Is a stone of courage and calming. It reduces stress in the mind. It helps with tolerance and overcomes judgement, giving support to those overwhelmed. It sharpens intellect and clears confusion. Highly protective during pregnancy for mother and child. It also helps regulate hormones and growth, boosts immune system and alleviates some symptoms of allergies.


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  • Return Policy

    All bracelets are handmade by me and fully intact when packaged.  It is double strung for durability and tested for stretch durability.   The gold plated deviders are best kept out of water if you want to slow fading.

    All sales are final